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What kind of coaching method do you‭ use? ‬What do you specialize in‭?

My coaching is "YOUlistic"‭. (‬Nope‭, ‬that’s not a typo‭). With my approach we work together from every angle and leave no stone left unturned to help you reach your goals‭. ‬


You’re not an island and neither is one area of your life‭, ‬so I work from the perspective that your lifestyle‭, ‬relationships‭, ‬health‭, ‬and work all affect your happiness‭. ‬We’ll work to improve all of these areas‭, ‬starting with you and how you experience them‭. ‬Then‭, ‬the ripple effect starts to manifest‭.‬


I specialize in helping you embrace your authentic self and be truer to yourself every day‭. ‬I believe that self-care is something that everyone needs to be happy and healthy and it doesn’t just mean yoga and eating healthy‭. ‬Self-care and mindful living is what gives your life meaning‭, ‬allows you to feel joy in your life and supports continuous growth‭. ‬This is what YOUlistic coaching means‭.‬



What kind of clients do you serve‭?‬

My clients are incredible human beings who know they could feel more happy‭, ‬satisfied‭, ‬vibrant‭, ‬productive and self-loving‭. ‬Most‭ ‬of my clients are women millennials or in their early 30’s‭. ‬Half‭ ‬of my clients are solopreneurs or small business owners‭. ‬



Do I need to know what I want to work on‭? ‬Do I need to have a specific goal‭?‬

Absolutely not‭. Half‭ ‬of my clients come to our first meeting without a specific goal in mind‭, ‬they have a feeling that coaching could help them feel better‭. ‬By the end of your discovery session‭, ‬we create a vision‭. ‬The vision could have very specific action‭-‬oriented goals or be based on how you want to feel about yourself‭, ‬certain relationships or to gain clarity on a specific area of your life‭. ‬


I will teach you strategies to accomplish your goals‭, ‬whether micro or macro‭, ‬short-term or long term‭. ‬Everything from communication skills‭, ‬to meditation and mindfulness‭, ‬to time-management‭, ‬to interrupting unwanted patterns and habits‭. ‬



What can you help me with‭?

Check this page out and if you still have questions‭, ‬here are some common coaching topics‭:‬

  • Communication Skills‭ ‬&‭ ‬Conflict Resolution

  • Organization and Time Management

  • Dating‭, ‬Sex and Intimate Relationships

  • Stress‭ ‬&‭ ‬Anxiety Management

  • Family Conflict

  • Leadership

  • Goal Setting‭ ‬&‭ ‬Career Direction

  • Body Image

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence

  • Being Independent‭ (‬Emotionally‭, ‬Mentally‭ ‬&‭ ‬Financially‭)‬



What can’t you help me with‭?

The only requirement for being coached is that you are mentally stable‭. ‬If I feel that you would be better served by another health professional I will say so‭. ‬Otherwise‭, ‬the best thing to do is apply for a free discovery call here and‭ ‬ask me specifically about you’d like to work on‭. ‬



I have anxiety‭, ‬is this something you can help me with‭?‬

Yes‭, ‬many of my clients suffer from general anxiety‭ (‬anxiety attacks‭) ‬or social anxiety‭. ‬I suffered from anxiety for 10‭ ‬years and through changes in my lifestyle‭, ‬eating habits and personal development practices I no longer deal with this extreme form of worry and stress‭. ‬



I’ve been diagnosed with depression‭, ‬can I still come to you for coaching‭?‬

Coaching can be a great complement to psychotherapy‭. ‬In order to benefit from coaching‭, ‬you do need to be mentally stable and functioning‭. ‬I will not discredit your diagnosis but you should know that my beliefs about depression are alternative and I believe there are many things that you can do to relieve yourself of depression related symptoms‭.‬



I’m single‭, ‬but I am looking for‭ ‬‘the one’‭ ‬is this something you can help me with‭?

Yes‭! ‬The best time to work on your marriage is during your relationship‭, ‬the best time to work on your relationship is before you’re in one‭. ‬Relationship coaching isn’t just for couples‭, ‬it’s for you‭, ‬whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not‭. ‬Why‭, ‬you ask‭? ‬First off‭, ‬you need to get good at your relationship with YOU‭. ‬Second‭, ‬you’re in many relationships all the time and you have something to learn from all of them‭. ‬Your platonic relationships are the perfect place to start to practice and become a rockstar communicator‭.‬



What is Strategic Intervention‭ ‬&‭ ‬what does that mean for our coaching together‭?‬

Strategic Intervention extracts the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines‭: ‬Ericksonian therapy‭, ‬strategic family therapy‭, ‬Human Needs Psychology‭, ‬organizational psychology‭, ‬neurolinguistics‭, ‬ the psychology of influence‭, ‬strategic studies‭, ‬traditions of diplomacy and negotiation‭, ‬and others‭.


I became a Strategic Intervention coach because I wanted to learn from the best and be the best coach I could possibly be‭. ‬For me‭, ‬there was no other school that could give me the well-rounded education‭, ‬tools and supervised practice that I wanted‭. ‬I had been a fan of Tony Robbins and what he stands for many years and soaked up every free online video and training‭, ‬interview and book‭, ‬I could find‭. ‬I studied with the founding teachers of the Strategic Intervention Institute‭, ‬Mark‭ ‬&‭ ‬Magali Peysha and continue to learn from them‭. ‬



What are your professional qualifications‭?‬

I’m a Strategic Intervention Life Coach‭, ‬Points of You®‭ ‬Certified Trainer and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher‭. ‬



What languages do you speak‭? ‬

English‭ ‬&‭ ‬Hebrew‭ ‬



I’m loving this‭, ‬what should I do next‭?‬

That’s easy‭! Apply for a free discovery session here‭.

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