I'm a feminine leadership coach specializing in heart-centered, conscious relationships and business.  I'm here to support you in reaching your spiritually-aligned feminine potential by integrating your feminine creativity and authentic desires with your masculine ability to focus, take action, and make decisions that will make your dreams your reality.  

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    feminine leaders. Topics in this video course include self-talk, money mindset, effective communication, and more!


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The Grow Your Sacred Business Series is a FREE series of exclusive private calls open to conscious coaches, healers and all creative entrepreneurs who want to fill their practices with soulmate clients. Me and my team have created a unique opportunity for you to get the support you need and ask questions about your business, your potential clients and everything in between.

Are you ready to level-up and go PRO in what you do and how you do it?

Release Self-Doubt and Fear

“After working with Jamie, I no longer have self-doubt or fear. I am more confident, know my worth and easily state my needs and boundaries. I can now handle conflict, not get sucked into loops or feelings of rejection with men and embrace with love that I am an emotional person.”


Become a Soulful Boss-Lady

“I don’t know how to put it into words, Jamie just 'gets' me and she is changing my life. Now I understand how to value myself and I'm creating clients that are more aligned with my soul purpose.  I've increased my income 3x since working with Jamie, and it's just going up. Jamie is a unique soul with a boss-lady mentality, kindness and clarity, a seriously empowered woman who just empowers me every single time we speak.”


Create More Honest Relationships

“Jamie has helped me open the space for more honest, less aggressive, and less judgemental conversations with myself and my partner through the techniques she taught me. She knows what she is talking about and will definitely make a huge change in your life.”



Feminine Leadership Coach

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