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It’s time to take breath and pause from your daily life, connect with yourself and talk about what really matters to you.

I strive to create a fun and safe space for you to explore and discover your authentic goals and create doable action plans to help you achieve them while creating lasting positive change.

My commitment to our coaching is to hold a vision of you reaching your potential and support you in getting there. Your commitment is to be open to try new things and do the work.

I believe that you know you best. My role in your journey is as your guide and a steadfast support.

If you could do anything...


During our first few sessions, we'll get to know one another and I'll learn what you want to achieve through coaching. Together, we'll align expectations and prioritize goals for the process.  I’ll get to know your unique learning and communication styles so that I can customize the way we work together.

I like to be playful and include music, meditation and photography into my sessions. I’ll give you tools to use in your everyday life to help you deal with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or stress, and lack of motivation. You’ll become so fluent in using these strategies that you’ll be able to grab them from your toolbelt in real time when facing any hairy situation.

What would it be?



Discover your authentic vision for your life and your relationship with yourself and others.


  Fulfill your vision by creating and executing doable and actionable goals to get closer and closer to your vision.


Become confident in who you are, your strengths and what you have to give to yourself and the world.

Jamie helped me to sort through some issues that I had been dealing with my entire life. Not only did she help me with these particular struggles, but she inspired me to want to take the initiative to solve them that I was previously lacking. She showed me all of the potential that I didn't realize I had, and showed me how to use it.

Lily, United States

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