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Do you feel like ‬you should be happier and more satisfied than you are‭? ‬Like those I LOVE‭ ‬MY LIFE tingly feelings are just out of reach but you can't figure out how to get them?

If so‭, ‬then you’re in the right place‭. ‬

Are you ready for this?

You'll know you're ready to work with me if you want to:

  • Prioritize and invest in YOU and go from surviving to thriving

  • Shine‭, ‬grow and develop into the woman you’ve always wanted to see in the mirror‭

  • Transform ALL of your relationships‭ (starting with you)

  • Have more energy and function at your highest potential

  • Set goals‭ (‬short‭ ‬&‭ ‬long-term‭) ‬that will drive‭ ‬&‭ ‬serve you

  • Learn to plan your time for productivity‭, ‬efficiency, and FUN‬


If you’re here, ‬you believe in growth and positive change and think we might be a good fit‭, ‬and for that I have to give you a virtual highfive‭. (‬Yeah‭, ‬put your hand up‭, ‬I’ll catch you mid air‭!) ‬You know in your heart that life is meant to be fun‭. ‬You’re on this planet to be happy‭. ‬Not to suffer‭. ‬


Can I get a hell yeah‭!? ‬Are you ready to create a life you’ll love living? ‬

If so‭, ‬I invite you to apply for a discovery session right now‭.‬


I love sharing with my clients the life-changing tools and strategies I’ve learned through my personal journey and years of professional training and experience‭. ‬I can’t wait to share them with YOU.

Where are you going?

Together, we will work on the below and so much more together:

  • Identify your strengths and unlock the resources you already have

  • Create self-care routines that you can stick to

  • Silence the annoying girl inside your head telling you that you’re not enough

  • Express yourself with confidence, kindness, and compassion

  • Learn to make decisions based on your intuition and logical brain

  • Stop feeling like your life is passing you by

  • Love and appreciate your body

  • Become your own best friend

‬Maybe now you’re thinking‭: ‬

Yeah‭, ‬sure‭. ‬I’m ready‭, ‬but how am I going to do all that‭?

‬I’ve got you.

How are you going to do it?

Working with me‭, ‬you’ll learn transformative strategies for lasting positive change including‭:‬ 

  • Strategies to communicate to feel heard, understood‭ ‬and‭ ‬resolve conflict

  • Overcoming feelings of overwhelm‭, ‬anxiety‭, ‬stress‭, and lack of motivation

  • Gaining control of your monkey mind (negative loops)

  • Thinking clearly and removing feelings of fogginess‭, ‬fatigue, and heaviness

  • Recharging your battery

As a result of committing to transformational coaching with me, ​you’ll become a rockstar strategist, learning how to apply strategies to any new situation or relationship. It’s important to me that you’ll become more equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs and our work together will serve you always.

So‭, ‬are you ready‭? ‬To be unstoppable‭?

To set the right goals for you and then reach them‭?

Yes‭? ‬Then it’s time for us to chat.


We’ll discover and design your vision for our work together. I’ll help you tap into your strengths and reconnect with who you really are, what you need and want for your relationships, lifestyle, health and career. I’ll teach you strategies and take you through creative processes that will transform the way you see and communicate with yourself and others. As a result, you’ll be a happier, more fulfilled you.

If you’re thinking “this is the year of ME”, “the year I really take care of myself, get to know and connect with myself” then this is for you. We will take every area of your life to new heights. Everyone around you will see the shinier version of you and your personal and professional relationships will transform. With my support, you will let go of limiting beliefs and stories that have been holding you back for years. You’ll let go of some relationships that aren’t serving you and attract new, meaningful and fulfilling relationships that fit and support this new, happier and more satisfied you.


  • 1:1 coaching sessions.

  • Weekly one-hour Skype sessions where you’ll learn something new about yourself every time. We’ll peel back the layers to uncover the real you and you’ll learn strategies to understand, accept and expand into this more authentic and joyful version of yourself. 

  • Inclusive of access to my digital products as required.

  • Flexible in term and are re-evaluated at agreed cadence by both of us.





"Jamie helped me to sort through some issues that I had been dealing with my entire life. Not only did she help me with these particular struggles, she inspired me to want to take the initiative to solve them that I was previously lacking. She showed me all of the potential that I didn't realize I had, and showed me how to use it."

– Lily R., Ohio


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