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Client love

Jamie is a great coach, creative, funny and full of energy. 

You can fall and know that she is always there for you.

–Anat C., Tel Aviv

Jamie helped me to sort through some issues that I had been dealing with my entire life. Not only did she help me with these particular dilemmas, but she inspired me to want to take the initiative to solve them that I was previously lacking. More than that, Jamie made me want to be a better person in all aspects of life. She showed me all of the potential that I didn't realize I had, and showed me how to utilize it. Jamie inspired me to want to improve the quality of my life and make it happen.  

– Lily R., Ohio



During a chaotic and transitional period, Jamie has guided me through an exploration of a broad range of factors that impact the quality of my daily living and well-being. Together we've explored ways  to improve my understanding and approach to immediate and long-term challenges that arise in my relationships, learning, and work on challenging individual and group projects. Because of Jamie's support and guidance I have developed a more balanced understanding of how things like the food I eat or short mindfulness exercises can fuel and empower my mind and body, so that I can make choices that allow me to be my best self. I am now equipped with better organizational and action oriented skills that have helped me become a more effective learner, leader and facilitator. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m talking to someone who really makes the effort to hear me, and understand what I’m saying and experiencing. This effort to truly comprehend makes Jamie an invaluable collaborator and supporter in helping me realize and achieve my goals.

– Eliza B., New Jersey



My time working with Jamie was amazing and impactful! Before working with Jamie, I felt like my brain was bursting with ideas and I wasn't sure of how to accomplish them, or even how to begin! Jamie not only assisted me in creating a concrete course of direction, but she went above and beyond. Our work together has supported me in staying on track, being consistent, and helped me achieve logic and success. I learned different tools to manage life's challenges in more effective ways. I would highly recommend working with Jamie, as her strong expertise and skill in the field of coaching will get you to anywhere you want to go!

– Talia R., California



I have been working with Jamie for the past few months. I am completely comfortable with her because she is able to easily use her broad training and intuitiveness to create actionable steps for me personally to reach my goals. Jamie doesn't waste my time and is very grounded, but still lets me make my own decisions. Before working with Jamie I was really directionless and kept halting my self-growth. Now I'm feeling more confident and in control. Jamie is a cheerleader and always available.

– Kira G., New York



I started meeting Jamie only a couple of months ago, but already I feel the benefits and progression I have made in my life thanks to her on point advice and suggestions. Through our sessions it became more clear to me what i should focus on and I also learned a lot about myself through her inquiry. I enjoy and relate to her holistic approach to coaching and positive point of view on life and achieving goals.  She's a true gift in my life and a wonderful person.

– Yarden E., Tel Aviv

Sharp mind, great professional, big heart. This is Jamie.

She has the ability to perceive promptly even the most complex situations.

Her sensitivity for the demands of her client is her greatest strength.

– Vicky B.,  Manager & Broadcast Producer, Bulgaria

Amazing Facilitator. Made me feel at ease and created a safe space to share.  

–Mary C., Quebec


I just wanted to share my experience after working with Jamie, and why this could be a great opportunity for you, and your business! Jamie is an amazing sales coach. Before I had the chance to work with her, I had a lot of anxiety when it came to my initial phone calls. Through Jamie's guidance I now have so much more confidence and actually look forward to these sessions! During our work, we crafted my initial call script, talked through my insecurities, and even role-played several scenarios. Thank you, Jamie!

–Michelle S., Nutritional & Health Coach, Washington

Jamie is a very professional person, focused, concrete, creative, full of energy and is able to motivate and drive the development of your business in an incredible way. I trust 100% in Jamie. I am very grateful to have worked with her.

–Alondra C., Chile


Jamie is an incredibly talented and dynamic professional. Whether for coaching teams or personal life coaching (amongst her various expertise), her suggestions, methods and results have always impressed me. Her integrity, professionalism and heart lead her success. I appreciate her genuine approach to thoroughly listening, understanding a situation and creating an action plan that gets real results. Every. Time.  

–Talia M., Tel Aviv


Jamie is a sweetheart. Strolled into our small Tel Aviv Startup which was experiencing some growing pains and gave us a 2 hour OUT-OF-THE-BOX workshop. Taking a bunch of Israeli's who are master cynics and getting them to publicly share personal thoughts is no easy task. Jamie nailed it.  The repercussions of her short visit are still reverberating throughout the office (and culture) well over a month later.

–Sam J., Tel Aviv

Jamie Faye is a "Get-It-Done" coach. She will work with you to define and expand your life purpose, making the journey fun and efficient along the way.  Her positivity is both inspirational and contagious.

–Laurie L., International Coach Federation

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