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Client love


Discover Your Unique Powers

Jamie truly believes in the unique powers of women and helps you as a woman to see them as well. - Anna


Lead Boldly and Fearlessly

“Jamie has a powerful message. Within a few weeks of working with her, I reached a monthly income that I never thought possible, and I started to coach more fearlessly. Jamie is committed to serving this world with love and empowerment, helping individuals understand that everything really is possible. She doesn't get caught up in wanting to be liked or changing herself for others, because she's clear about her truth and purpose.”

- Jennifer

Become a Soulful Boss-Lady

“I don’t know how to put it into words, Jamie just 'gets' me and she is changing my life. Now I understand how to value myself and I'm creating clients that are more aligned with my soul purpose.  I've increased my income 3x since working with Jamie, and it's just going up. Jamie is a unique soul with a boss-lady mentality, kindness and clarity, a seriously empowered woman who just empowers me every single time we speak.”

- Ashley


You have all the Resources You Need

“Jamie has a unique way of knowing exactly what I need. She has so many tools. It feels amazing to know I'm working with someone who knows exactly what she’s doing. Jamie never made me feel strange or weird about what I was going through. I have never felt so comfortable to share 100% of what I'm thinking with anyone before. From our work, I have become much more resourceful, less stuck in my thought loops, and instead of feeling incapable or blaming myself, I do something to change my state.”

- Steph

Bring Yourself Back to Center

Jamie and I have worked together many times over the last few years. I’ve had a lot of major breakthroughs in all aspects of my life. The most significant has been identifying and understanding my triggers, and changing my perception and perspective to minimize their impact. My self-talk has also changed. I'm much kinder to myself and even when I lose connection I am able to recognize it and bring myself back to my center. - Cassandra


Release Self-Doubt and Fear

“After working with Jamie, I no longer have self-doubt or fear. I am more confident, know my worth and easily state my needs and boundaries. I can now handle conflict, not get sucked into loops or feelings of rejection with men and embrace with love that I am an emotional person.”

- Deborah

Connect Spiritually and Physically

“Jamie is an amazing facilitator. She helped me connect with my inner-self both spiritually and physically - which has helped me see things with new eyes. Before working with Jamie, I felt defensive about my goals, but now I’m integrating the methods I learned into my everyday life and it’s super helpful.”

- Valentina


Maximize Results in Your Life

“Jamie helped me zero in on my target audience and understand how to speak to them more effectively. Now, I focus my efforts in the direction that will help me grow my business. Jamie has a talent for seeing where you can focus your work and energy to maximize results in your life.”

- Simone


Get Unstuck, Take a Break and Celebrate!

This is for anyone that is stuck and wants to make changes in their life, those who don't know how to take a break, or celebrate the good times. This is also for business owners and those who really want to work on being a girl boss - Rebecca


Know Your Worth and Double Your Income

“Jamie is the best coach I’ve had so far. She’s also my idol in setting boundaries. Since working together my self-talk is more friendly and loving. I appreciate my work much more and because of that, I’ve doubled my income. Jamie’s work is visionary.”

- Larissa

Create More Honest Relationships

“Jamie has helped me open the space for more honest, less aggressive, and less judgemental conversations with myself and my partner through the techniques she taught me. She knows what she is talking about and will definitely make a huge change in your life.”

- Gicela


Open Up and Share in a Playful Way

“Before the retreat with Jamie, I felt nervous and overwhelmed about starting a new chapter in my life. Now, I feel more prepared to reach my goals and stay motivated. I learned that I am more capable of doing things than I thought. Jamie has done an amazing job in opening me up to share my thoughts, fears and goals and realize a lot of important things in a playful way.”

- Mela


Dramatic Transformations are Waiting for You

When I would try to “find” clients I would feel needy or have imposter syndrome, however in just two weeks with Jamie I’ve had a dramatic transformation in how I carry myself as a coach and create clients.

- Jessica

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